Commercial Tinting

What can window film do for YOUR business?

commercial-window-tintKeep employees and customers cool

Commercial window tinting can reject up to 78% of the solar energy coming through your windows, helping to keep your business cool and comfortable for your employees and customers.

UV protection

All our window films block out 99.9% of UVA/UVB and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Film also protects carpets, furniture, cabinets, art work, and wood floors from fading.

Glare Reduction

Window Film reduces annoying glare making it easier to see computer screens. Films offering up to 95% glare reduction are available.


Window film provides privacy for your office, valuables, or stock areas. Certain films have a private appearance from the outside but provide a clear view from inside.

Reduce energy costs!

Heat gained through untinted windows makes up to 40% of your summer utility bill. In the winter, film acts like a layer of insulation on your windows helping to keep your room heat inside and not escape through windows. This helps you save money in the winter too!


Most window film is difficult to break through and holds broken glass together once broken. Special security films designed to resist intrusion are extra thick and even more difficult to break through.

Enjoy your view!

Window film provides heat & glare reduction, privacy, UV protection, reduction in energy costs, AND all while still being able to enjoy a beautiful clear view!

Window Film Varieties

We proudly use LLumar, Vista Films and Eastman. Window films are available in hundred's of varieties offering varying degrees of heat control, privacy and security. To find the window film that's right for you just call for a FREE estimate with a widow tinting specialist.

Window Film Care

Use a soft cotton cloth to clean your new window tint rather than a paper product. You may use any type of window cleaner as well as vinegar and soap.

Window Fim Warranty

Vista Films and LLumar Films offer a 10 year commercial warranty (lifetime for residential).

Window Film Pricing

Commercial window tinting pricing varies depending on the film selected, volume, and labor required to install the film. Call for a FREE estimate and we will come to your business with film samples, measure your windows, determine pricing, and select the film that will provide the best solution for you.

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