Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) Services in Flagstaff, AZ

LLumar Paint Protection Film is the most optically clear paint protection film available. Its superior optical clarity provides a virtually invisible shield protecting your vehicle from nicks and scratches from insects, small road debris, cinders, sand and salt. LLumar Paint Protection Film is typically applied to a vehicle’s hood, bumper, back of mirrors, fenders, door edges and more.
Our high tech computer plotting system precision cuts specific vehicle patterns for a perfect fit requiring minimal cuts to be made on your vehicle. LLumar Paint Protection Film provides an alternative to leather bras and plastic bug guards, both of which can actually rub your paint off on contact points.
LLumar Paint Protection Film has a up to a 10 year warranty with our Platinum products.
*Pricing varies depending on the amount of surfaces protected.


Click Here for a short video on what Paint Protection is and how it works


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