Residential Tinting

  • Pays for itself in only 2.75 years!
  • Makes single pane windows as effective as DOUBLE pane
  • Makes double pane windows as effective as TRIPLE pane
  • Locks 92% of room heat INSIDE your home in winter
  • Rejects up to 76% of HEAT
  • Deflects 99.9% of UV rays
  • Reduces bright GLARE by 63%

In winter, Enerlogic Window Film acts like a layer of insulation on your windows helping to keep your room heat inside during winter months, instead of escaping through windows. This keeps you warm and saves money! In summer, Enerlogic rejects heat, keeping you comfortable all year long!
summer enterlogic
winter enterlogic



Make Single Pane windows as effective
as Dual Pane windows!

Make Dual Pane windows as effective
as Triple Pane windows!


How much does window film cost?

Residential window tinting pricing varies depending on the film selected, volume, and labor required to install the film. We will come to your home with film samples, measure your windows, determine pricing, and select the film that will provide the best solution for you.

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What can window film do for your home?

Lower bills
Reduce your heating and cooling costs, plus take advantage of federal tax credits.
Keep cool
Residential window films can reject up to 78% of the solar energy coming through your windows, keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summer.
Stay warm
Enerlogic Window Film acts like a layer of insulation on your windows reflecting 92% of room heat back inside and not escape through windows in the winter.
UV protection
All our films block out 99.9% of UVA/UVB and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Film also protects carpets, furniture, cabinets, art work, and wood floors from fading.
Glare reduction
Window Film reduces annoying glare making it easier to see your computer screen and watch TV. Films offering up to 95% glare reduction are available.
Film provides privacy for you and your belongings. Certain films have a private appearance from the outside but provide a clear view from the inside.
Most window film is difficult to break through and holds broken glass together once broken. Special security films designed to resist intrusion are extra thick and even more difficult to break through.
SAVE your view!
Window film provides heat & glare reduction, privacy, UV protection, reduction in energy costs, AND all while still being able to enjoy a beautiful clear view!

What Films Do We Use?

We proudly use LLumar and Vista Films from Solutia, the world's largest film manufacturer. Films are available in hundred's of varieties offering varying degrees of heat control, privacy and security. Click on the logos below to go the the manufacturer's website. Most films carry a lifetime warranty too!
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