Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement in Flagstaff, AZ

At Inspector’s Auto, we have proudly served the Flagstaff community for over 30 years! We are your local windshield chip repair, windshield crack repair, and windshield replacement, specialist. Our customers are family, which is why we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason we do not exceed your expectations, we want to know because we will make it right! 

Windshield replacements are the number one car insurance claim in the country and Arizona has the highest rate of any state. High winds, a dry climate, rocky terrain, high speeds on our interstate highways, and loose rocks and gravel all combine to create a disproportionately higher rate of windshield chips and cracks in Arizona. If you live in Arizona, it is only a matter of time before you will need your auto glass repaired or replaced during normal operation of your vehicle through no fault of your own. Repairing and replacing auto glass is what we do! We have a team of highly trained technicians who will get the job done correctly and efficiently.  

Windshield Repair

Some windshield chips, stars, and cracks can be repaired while others will require replacement of your entire windshield.  Generally, chips, stars, and cracks up to 8 inches can be repaired. The goal with windshield repair is to stop the crack from spreading to prevent the need to replace the entire windshield. This is why it is important to get them repaired immediately before they spread requiring replacement of the entire windshield. The clear resin we apply for glass repair takes 20-30 minutes to cure and then you can drive your automobile immediately. You will still be able to see the chip, star, or crack in your windshield but it will be significantly less noticeable. 

Windshield Replacement

At Inspector’s Auto we can replace the following auto glass:

  • Windshield 
  • Door glass
  • Backglass
  • Quarter glass
  • Vents 

New windshield or other auto glass replacement takes longer than repair. It typically takes 1-2 hours to replace any piece of auto glass. We use adhesives in our glass repair and replacements that allow you to drive your vehicle shortly after. We not only replace the auto glass on all automobiles but also RVs and commercial trucks as well. 

If you have insurance, no problem, we have you covered!

At Inspector’s Auto, we accept all insurance and you do not need a quote to hire us to fix or replace your auto glass. We have payment arrangements with all insurance companies so you can come directly to us immediately without having to wait for an estimate. We will assist you in making your insurance claim.

If you don’t have insurance or would prefer to pay out of pocket, no problem, we have you covered too!

At Inspector’s Auto, you can also pay out of pocket if you do not have insurance or do not wish to make a claim. You will need to call us for a quote because our prices vary depending on the year, make, and model of your automobile. We stand behind our craftsmanship, so if you get your windshield replaced with us, any future chips in your windshield will be repaired for FREE. Please call us at (928) 774- 1125 for a quote!

Our Auto Glass Mobile Team will come to you! We offer FREE mobile service for windshield replacement and auto glass repair. We will come to wherever is convenient for you at no additional cost. Our FREE mobile auto glass service territory is in Flagstaff (including Kachina, Mountainaire, Doney Park, Baderville, Munds Park, Bellmont, Parks). We also occasionally service Williams and the Grand Canyon. If your location is not on this list we may require a travel fee. 

*During this time we are still operating as usual but will adhere to strict contact precautions with our clients and their vehicles.*

We also offer FREE vehicle pickup and delivery! If you are located within the city limits of Flagstaff we will pick up your vehicle and then drop it back off to you after it has been serviced at no additional cost. Needing your auto glass repaired or replaced is an unexpected expense and inconvenience so this is our way of easing the impact to you. 

Auto Glass Tint Visor: A tinted visor is a strip across the top of your windshield that reduces glare. It is typically 6-8 inches wide and is made from a 5% limo film. We have visors available for when you get your windshield replaced whether you come to us or use our mobile auto glass services. If you are submitting a claim through your insurance we can help you include the tinted visor at no additional cost to you.  

Cool Blue Windshield Film: Our cool blue windshield incorporates a subtle blue hue film that rejects 43% of the sun’s solar energy and 99.9% of UV rays. The cool blue film has excellent clarity and is virtually invisible when applied to a windshield. The film keeps your car cool, prevents deterioration of the interior of your car, protects you from harmful UV rays that cause cancers, and significantly reduces glare from our bright Arizona sun. If you replace your windshield, the cool blue film is reimbursable by insurance companies. If you pay out of pocket, the cost is $74.95. We can also apply the cool blue windshield to your existing windshield now.

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