Auto Glass Visor and Cool Blue

Auto Glass Visor and Cool Blue Services in Flagstaff, AZ

Reduce Heat and Glare with Tinting for your Windshield

cool-blueVisors:  A Tint Visor is a 6-8 inch strip of 5% limo film across the top of a windshield to reduce glare for the driver. Visors are available for when you order your windshield for in shop service or mobile service. When a you need to replace your windshield using your insurance, we will arrange with your insurance company to also replace your tint visor at no cost to you.

Cool Blue Film: Cool Blue Windshields have a nearly invisible film applied that rejects 43% of the sun’s solar energy and 99.9% of UV rays that cause skin cancer and deteriorate your car’s interior. Windshields are the largest piece of glass in a vehicle, whereby taking in the most heat. Now your windshield can reject just as much heat as your tinted door glass! Cool Blue Windshield Film has excellent clarity and is virtually undetectable once applied. Cool Blue Windshield Film is typically reimbursable by your insurance company when you need a new windshield. If you pay “out of pocket” for your next windshield with us, we’ll re-apply Cool Blue film to your new windshield for $74.95! When scheduling your windshield installation appointment, just ask us to make your windshield a Cool Blue Windshield. We can also apply Cool Blue film to your existing windshield as well.

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