At Inspectors Auto Appearance we are all about individuality! We celebrate uniqueness and we want you to have your vehicle exactly how you want it! You decide what design and features your vehicle has because you get to build it yourself!

Build Your Dream Vehicle

Here we offer you the option to build your dream vehicle in our interactive garage! First, you select the year, make, model, and submodel of your vehicle. Then you choose exactly what you want for the interior, exterior, wheels, and tires! You can “try on” different exterior paint colors, lift kits, tire sizes, lighting, running boards and steps, sunroof, interior colors, and materials, as well as different types of cargo, floor, and seat liners. As you build your dream vehicle, you can see the pricing for different designs and accessories which helps to stay within your budget. Once completed, you can print your dream vehicle build so when you come in to meet with us, we will know exactly what you want so there is no miscommunication.

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