Detail Frequently Asked Questions

If you or anyone you know is looking for Detail Services in Flagstaff, AZ, here are some answers to possible questions you may have.

1Can you get scratches out?
We can get out the majority of surface scratches with machine buffing. If you can get your finger nail in the scratch it may be too deep to remove.

2Can you get smoke smell out?
Yes, we have a special Ozone treatment just for smoke smell that is very effective. Periodic smoke removal can help when it comes to selling your car. Years of smoke build up can be difficult to remove when it’s time to sell. A treatment a few times a year can prevent build up and keep your car smelling clean! Smoke removal is a serious fog treatment and takes a day to complete. For best results, a smoke removal treatment is recommended immediately after an interior detail.

3Will you give my vehicle the q-tip treatment?
Yes, q-tips are regular tools for our detailers. Indeed, we do get in between the vents slots and other nooks and crannies.

4How long will it take to detail my vehicle?
Complete details should be dropped off no later than 9am and can be picked up at 4:30pm. Interior details and exterior details can schedule for either an entire morning or afternoon.

5Do you offer mobile detailing?
We exclusively offer in-shop detail service because we care about the environment. We use an environmentally friendly containment system which safely collects all materials that could be potentially harmful to the environment if left to run in your street or yard. Mobile services can not offer this important feature. For your convenience, we will pick up and deliver your vehicle for you upon request.

6Can you Scotchgard my seats?
Yes. Scotchgarding is a method of applying a fabric treatment making your seats more stain resistant. For best results, a Scotchgard treatment is recommended immediately after an interior detail.

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