Tinting Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering Tinting your windows in Flagstaff, AZ, here are some answers to possible questions you may have.

1What are the legal automotive tint limits?
33% is the lowest light transmission legally allowed in Arizona on front passenger doors in Arizona. All films are legal on glass located behind the two front doors. Other light transmissions available are 15% (darker) and 5% (limo). If you live outside Arizona, see state limits. We offer a variety of films and can accommodate legal limits in most states. View all state requirements.

2How much does it cost to tint my car?

Full Tint Services Range In Price Please Give Us a Call
2 Door
4 Door
Wagons & Small SUV’s
Full size SUV’s & Mini Vans

Add On’s
Cool Blue Windshield Film
Visor Strip
Back Glass

Quick 1 door or 2 doors

Prices vary depending on type of film selected

3How much does it cost to tint my home or business?
Residential and commercial tint pricing varies depending on the film selected and the labor required to install the film.

4How effective is window film in keeping my car cool?
Window film is very effective. Legal front door film with a 35% light transmission rejects about 43% of the solar energy, 15% (darker) film rejects 51% of the solar energy, and 5% (limo) rejects 64%! Your family and pets will appreciate the coolness of a tinted vehicle!

5How effective is window film in keeping my home or business cool?
Window film is very effective. Residential and commercial window films can reject up to 78% of the solar energy coming through your windows!

6How much does it cost to remove old film?
Automotive film removal is priced out for each piece of glass except back glass is priced hourly. Residential film varies depending on labor required.

7Will window film prevent a break in?
In many cases, yes. Most window film is difficult to break through and holds broken glass together once broken. Special security films designed to resist intrusion are extra thick and even more difficult to break through.

8How long does it take to tint a vehicle?
It takes about 3 hours to completely tint a vehicle.

9Does the film go on the inside or the outside?
Film is applied to the inside.

10How do I clean the window once film is applied?
To clean use a soft cotton cloth to clean rather than a paper product. You may use any type of window cleaner, as well as vinegar and soap.

11How long will it last?
Automotive and residential films have lifetime warranties.

12Is film scratch resistant?
Resistant – Yes, scratch proof – No.

13Does your film have warranty?
Automotive film warranty:
We begin with a 3 year “no fault” warranty which allows you to bring your vehicle back for 100% FREE re-tinting regardless of how the blemish occurred within the first 3 years. For the life of the vehicle, you can bring your vehicle back to us or any Formula One or LLumar dealer in the USA and your film will be replaced for labor costs only.

Residential film lifetime warranty:
Vista films and LLumar residential films offer a lifetime warranty. The warranty evens transfers to a new owner if you ever sell your home. It’s that good!

Commercial warranty:
Visa films and LLumar commercial films offer a 10 year warranty.

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