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Our window films carry a LIFETIME Warranty!

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Good: Our Classic film is a SunTek product. It meets auto film industry minimum standards for heat control. This is a metalized film, not dyed. Coupons do not apply for this film.

Better: This is our Formula One Comfort Series film. This is also a metalized film, but has a high heat rejection factor without having to go darker.

Best: This is our Formula One Pinnacle Series film. This is a ceramic film and has an even higher heat rejection factor without adding unwanted darkness. This film, unlike our others, is also signal enabling. Most newer car antennas are located within a piece of glass on the vehicle. This film allows the signal to go through the film, unlike most other films.

Film darkness levels are 35% (legal) for front doors, for back doors 15% (darker, no legal requirements) and 5% (limo film). On average, it takes about 2-3 hours to completely tint a vehicle.

Lifetime Warranty

Llumar and FormulaOne automotive films offer a lifetime warranty.

We begin with a 3 year "no fault" warranty which allows you to bring your vehicle back for 100% FREE window tinting regardless of how the blemish occurred within the first 3 years. For the life of the vehicle, after the first 3 years, if the film appears to be defective, you can bring your vehicle back to us or any FormulaOne or Llumar dealer in the USA and your film will be replaced for labor costs .

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