Taking good care of your car involves more than what’s under the hood. In addition to maintaining the engine, you have to consider the exterior as well. This includes taking the right steps to cover your windows and keep them safe.

You may think that vehicle window tinting is simply for aesthetics, but there’s a variety of benefits to the service. A savvy driver can always take advantage of window tint to protect their vehicle. 

Keep Car Upholstery From Fading

One of the best ways to safeguard your investment is to keep the interior looking clean. Although using sunscreen or parking in the shade can be a temporary fix for the hot, blazing sun, the damage is still being done. Slowly, over time, leather and vinyl will become faded, discolored, and may even crack.

Auto window tinting ensures that most of the sun never makes it past the window. It protects interiors from warping and cracking to keep your car looking newer, for much longer. 

Car window tinting also blocks windshield glare to decrease eye fatigue caused by direct sunlight and bright nighttime lights. 

Replacing car interiors often can be costly. The window tint film is a way to make your upholstery last and save from the unnecessary costs of replacement. Window tint cost is much more affordable.

Block Harmful UV Rays

Ultraviolet rays accelerate aging and cause various types of cancer. Continual exposure to sunlight while driving has adverse effects on your health. Besides general discomfort, you’ll be prone to sunburns and other types of skin conditions. It can also create issues with your vision, including cataracts and macular degeneration.

An auto window tinting service should be the first place you call! Especially if you drive several hours a day. It’s something an avid driver simply can’t afford to ignore. It provides a critical advantage to safeguard against risk.

Research has demonstrated that the majority of cancer occurs on the left side of the body. This aligns perfectly to the driver’s side of the car. The cost of window tint is incomparable to what might happen if you get sick.

Standard window glass is not built to completely block UV radiation. Even a clear window film or a light tint offers some form of UV protection. It can block out both UVA and UVB rays. 

A high-quality window tint provides maximum UV protection. The best tints block about 99% of all harmful rays, which helps keep your skin protected as you drive.

Solar Heat Rejection

Solar heat can make driving in a car a very unpleasant experience. In addition to UV radiation, the sun causes temperatures to heat up drastically on the inside of your car. In no time at all, it can become quite uncomfortable. Without air conditioning in Flagstaff, Arizona the heat can be unbearable.

When it comes to solar heat rejection, window film is highly effective. Consider the following types for light transmission and solar energy:

  • Legal front door film – rejects 43% solar energy with 35% light transmission
  • Darker film – rejects 51% solar energy with 15% light transmission
  • Limo film – rejects 64% solar energy with 5% light transmission

Using too much air conditioning will have a direct impact on fuel consumption. A quality auto window tint film helps save yourself from the menace of heat buildup. It’s a great insulator during cold seasons and will keep your car cool throughout the heat. Balance climate and comfort while saving cash from what you’d otherwise spend on additional fuel running the A/C.

Auto window films come in different styles and grades. This means their efficiency in blocking out heat and glare varies. It’s best to work with a professional. 

Google “automotive window tinting near me” and you’ll find Inspector’s Auto, ready to get you started! We’ll help you decide which option suits your needs best.

Shattered Glass Protection

There are millions of non-fatal car crashes in the United States every year. Many injuries are caused by shattered glass after the car crashes, and not the impact itself. A typical car window will likely break as soon as something hits it. 

In this case, car window tint can be a lifesaver. It will essentially, “‘shatter-proof”’ a car. That’s because window tints typically create a film around the glass. In the event of an impact, the window may break, but the glass is held in place. It doesn’t shatter everywhere, compounding injuries. The pieces remain together.

If you’re involved in an accident with other occupants, they will be protected from glass shards as well. Additionally, car window tint reduces the risk of anyone being ejected from the car through windows. Special security films are also designed with extra thickness to resist intrusion, making it even more difficult to breakthrough. 

Privacy and Security

Window tinting in Flagstaff, AZ comes in a wide array of shading to provide you and your patterns a level of privacy that can’t be beaten. You can rest easy knowing that when you park the car, people cannot visibly see the values stored inside. 

It’s a huge deterrent for theft. It creates ease of mind when you want to protect your vehicle and those who travel with you. Tinting your car increases security all across the board. If you’re visiting areas that are prone to theft, tinting can offer an unparalleled level of support. 

That being said, car window tint should never be a substitute for vigilance. People can break in whether or not your vehicle is tinted, so don’t give them any opportunities by leaving valuables laying out. Regardless of window tint, don’t neglect safety measures. Especially when driving in deserted areas.


In the state of Arizona, there are a million reasons why a car window tint is a good idea. Without it, you’re missing out on a host of benefits. Window tinting for your vehicle provides privacy, protection, and comfort. Getting your windows tinted by a professional guarantees advantages in the long run.

If you are thinking about installing a window tint, you should discuss what to expect with a professional. Considering there are a variety of styles and levels, you don’t want to be stuck with the wrong level. Prior research on providers will give you significant headway. 

Do you need car window services in Flagstaff, Arizona? Inspector’s Auto is the best place to start if you’re looking for “auto window tinting near me.” Give us a call today for any questions you have and a free estimate.

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