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We here at Inspector’s Auto Appearance are a locally owned and operated automotive glass, window tint, and detail shop in beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona.

We can replace, repair, and improve your auto glass or just pamper your ride through one of our detail packages. Or, are you looking for cool new accessories to upgrade your vehicle? We got you!

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Automotive Detailing

In Arizona’s dry and dusty climate, drivers need to clean the outside and inside of their vehicles frequently. We offer a wide range of automotive detailing services to keep your vehicle looking and functioning at its best. We offer an interior steam cleaning package, a wash and seal package, a 3-stage polish package, a deluxe detailing package, and an executive detailing package as well as a list of detailing add ons that can be used to modify any package. Some of our popular add-ons include engine steam clean, headlight restoration, smoke smell removal, dog hair removal, scratch removal, IGL ceramic coating, and Llumar paint protection film installation. We make sure to go above and beyond with our detailing services. Our popular interior steam clean package requires half a day and includes hand washing all panels, cup holders, and plastics, agitating and cleaning the seats and carpets with shampoo, and cleaning and dressing all rims and tires. Our deluxe and executive detailing packages both require a full day but offer a full range of services that even include making sure to clean in between the vent slots and other nooks and crannies with a Q-Tip.

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Auto Glass Replacement

If a crack or chip in your vehicle’s window or windshield is significant enough that a simple repair is not an option, the entire window will need to be replaced. Windshield replacements are the number one car insurance claim in the country and Arizona has the highest rate of any state. Inspector’s Auto makes the process of replacing your damaged windshield with a new one as easy as possible and will assist customers with making their insurance claims. Inspector’s Auto offers a range of replacement options. We offer high-quality auto glass from worldwide manufacturers such as Pilkington and Mygrant as well as Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) glass. Although windshield replacement is the most common, Inspector’s Auto also replaces door glass, back glass, quarter glass, and vents in all types of vehicles including RVs, boats, and commercial trucks. The replacement process consists of removing the damaged window, applying new urethane to act as an adhesive, and finally installing the new window. This process typically takes 1-2 hours to replace any piece of auto glass and the vehicle can be driven shortly after.

Vehicle Window Tinting

Arizona may not have the nickname “the sunshine state” but it does receive the most days of sun each year out of the United States. Arizona drivers know all too well the effects the constant sun can have on their vehicle’s interior, driver visibility, and passenger comfort. A window tint is a protective film that is applied to the glass. Window tint blocks harmful UV light and reduces glare from the sun and headlights. Our window tinting service here at Inspector’s Auto includes many different tint options that offer a variety of benefits like a ceramic tint that repels 50-64% of solar heat and protects your passengers against more than 99% of UV rays without technological signal interference with vehicle features and electronic devices. The window tinting services include removing any old tint, measuring and cutting new tint to fit the exact specifications of your vehicle’s windows, and applying the new tint. On average it takes about 3 hours to completely tint a vehicle. The automotive and residential films that we use are scratch resistant and have lifetime warranties.

Auto Glass Repair

Most drivers in northern Arizona know the distinct sound of cinder rocks hitting their windshield. Cinder is spread on the roads during the winter months to provide traction on icy roads. Although helpful in the winter months, these small rocks are often the culprit of auto glass damage. Chips, cracks, stars, and other types of windshield damage are unsightly and often dangerous as they obstruct the driver’s vision. Here at Inspector’s Auto Appearance, we can fix windshield damage so that your vehicle can get back on the road safely and in style. Any chip or crack that is less than a dollar bill in size is repairable by applying a clear resin. Repairing small chips, cracks, and stars in your vehicle’s windshield is important to prevent the damage from worsening or spreading and forcing you to get your entire windshield replaced. The repair process consists of an initial inspection that determines whether a simple repair or full replacement is needed. If the damage can be repaired a clear glass resin is injected into the damaged area, filling the crack or chip, and cured with ultraviolet light. The result significantly reduces the visible damage and prevents it from spreading. The curing process only takes 20-30 minutes so you can be in and out that same day.

Car & Truck Accessories

Here at Inspector’s Auto, we do more than just work on your vehicle. We love automobiles and we love to help our clients customize their vehicles exactly how they want them. If we have an accessory in our showroom, we will be able to install it that same day. We are happy to order any item or accessory that you need if we do not already have it in stock. Special orders can take up to ten days, but most arrive in only a few days. We are committed to helping you get the best accessories for the best price. Typically a specific accessory will be produced by several manufacturers. We will give you the best quality and pricing choices available.

We can protect and refine your vehicle with IGL CoatingS

Cleaning & Detailing Product Line-up

Why IGL Coatings? With IGL Coatings your car will look like a brand new vehicle thanks to the eco-friendly and 100% silica content formula. It will not only protect your vehicle’s interior as well as exterior but also allows for easy cleaning and reduces the cost of maintenance in the long-term.

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Stop fantasizing of your dream vehicle and start building it in our interactive garage! Whether interior or exterior, once complete you can print it out and stop by. We will help bring your dream vehicle to life!
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Why Choose Inspector’s Auto?

We love our customers and our local community! Not only do we want to make the insurance claims for our clients as easy as possible, we also offer free vehicle pickup & delivery.

Awesome Flagstaff biz that does some amazing work. Locally owned, and they put a lot of time into everything. Best detailing you can get, and they’re unreal with their paint protection and ceramic coating. Tint is fantastic, and would go darker if it wouldn’t get me pulled over all the time, but noticed an immediate change in keeping heat in when it’s cold, or out when it’s hot. No refraction, even with polarized lenses. Great services and good people. Highly recommend.” – Florian Dotti

I recently purchased a new truck.  I went to Inspectors Auto to add several thousand dollars of accessories.  Jesse, Alan and the team at Inspectors did an amazing job!  They customized my truck and now I have the truck of my dreams!” – Noah S

Loved how my tint came out. Already had someone ask me on the first day, ‘Where did you have it done?’ I happily told them Inspectors! Thanks Guys!” – Izaac Rudd

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