Inspector’s Auto reveals a new brand identity reflecting the company’s evolution and vision for the future.

Flagstaff, Arizona, January 10, 2023 – Inspector’s Auto Appearance reveals that it will operate under a new, updated logo and brand identity that both pays homage to the past and reflects the company’s vision for the future. Since it was founded in 1988, Inspector’s Auto has grown in influence, and now operates two state-of-the-art shop locations serving Flagstaff’s auto glass and detailing needs. The new brand identity represents a commitment that Inspector’s Auto strives always to keep improving processes and efficiencies to bring the highest quality service to its customers. 

“I wanted something that brought in the new technology that we are bringing into the company… something sharp and edgy that people can look at that’s clean and simple, yet still ties back to the history of the company. And then– moving forward– we are bringing so much more efficiency into our daily operations. Everything is more trackable and we’ve been working hard to make the client experience as smooth as possible. From the moment you call to the actual appointment, and all of the reminders along the way, the entire process is updated. I wanted a new logo that reflected that advancement.” said Jesse McCoy, president of Inspector’s Auto Appearance.

Jesse McCoy moved to Flagstaff in 2011 and started working at Inspector’s while enrolled at NAU. He quickly fell in love with the Flagstaff community and decided to stay after graduating. In 2017 Jesse became business partners with founder Allen McCracken before taking over as full owner in 2020. To Jesse, the greatest part of being a business owner is having strong relationships with his clients and the Flagstaff community. The logo is arranged in the shape of a peak, to capture the iconic imagery of Flagstaff’s mountains. While the center stroke of the “A” continues forward signifying Inspector’s Auto’s commitment to progress all while maintaining the iconic maroon, black, and grey colors. 

“I am so excited about the new Inspector’s logo! I love how by having the sharpness of the ‘I’ and of the ‘A’ we pay tribute to the San Francisco peaks and the mountain town that we live in. Being able to utilize that within the logo and making it stand out was very important to me,” Jesse said. “I am so grateful for the Flagstaff community and for the strong bonds I have made with my customers and I wanted to make sure that the new Inspector’s logo symbolizes this mountain town and everyone in it!”

By creating lifelong customers through high-quality service, Inspectector’s Auto hopes to continue serving Flagstaff for many years to come! Learn more about Inspector’s Auto.

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