This position is a full-time-only position with a focus on customer relations. The duties of this position include but are not limited to greeting clients when they arrive at the shop, answering phone calls and emails, providing work orders for the technicians, scheduling clients for appointments, completing three-way calls with the client’s insurance company, and being able to navigate the Keystone and Meyer websites for accessory orders. The administration assistant is expected to help keep the bathroom and waiting room clean and stocked with a quick check at the beginning and end of the day. The administration assistant will report to the Operations Manager for daily operations and Office Manager for any billing or insurance questions or concerns.

After 30 days in this role, it is expected that the administration assistant will be proficient in completing three-way calls with the client and their insurance company, and be able to complete quotes and work orders for all revenue streams. At 6 months from the hire date, the administration assistant will be eligible for their first raise. This raise will be dependent on being able to effectively complete a sales pitch for window tint and PPF and detail services to upper management. 

At 9 months from the hire date, the administration assistant will be expected to be able to close invoices appropriately and help manage the shop email ( This includes but is not limited to responding to quote requests, sending documents and proof of purchases to upper management, replying to client questions, and responding to account holders’ emails.

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