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At Inspectors Auto Appearance we are all about individuality! We celebrate uniqueness and we want you to have your vehicle exactly how you want it! We have all the auto accessories for every make and model of vehicle. Whether you build your dream vehicle with us from start to finish, or have a vehicle currently that you want to add certain auto accessories to, our installation team has you covered!

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Flagstaff, AZ Auto Accessories

Are you looking for a car accessories shop in Flagstaff, AZ? Look no further! We have been Flagstaff, Arizona’s go-to auto parts store for over 30 years. We are proud to be your locally owned and operated auto accessories shop! We have everything you need and we do all things automotive! Auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, tinting, detailing, and we have all the auto accessories you have been dreaming of, and more! We love automobiles and we love to help our clients customize their vehicles exactly how they want them. You should get to decide what features your vehicle has and the best part is you get to browse all our car, truck, SUV, van, motorcycle, trailer, and RV accessories online from the comfort of your home before coming into our shop and having our installers getting to work. Of course, if you want to stop by and discuss all the auto accessories we carry for your specific make, model, and submodel vehicle we would be happy to meet with you, discuss your budget, and help you build your dream vehicle in person too!

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Build Your Dream Vehicle

At Inspector’s Auto we have a virtual interactive garage where you can build your dream vehicle! You get to “try-on” a variety of different auto accessories via online shopping to see if you like how it looks and get a quote on pricing before you make any major decisions about your vehicle. How does it work? You select the make, model, and submodel of your vehicle. Then you choose what colors, materials, and features you want on the interior. We have a wide variety of cargo, floor, and seat liners to choose from too. Next you move on to the exterior design to address the body of your vehicle. This is where you can add different exterior features to see how it changes the exterior appearance of your vehicle. You get to add and remove different auto accessories, so we invite you to play around with different paint colors, lift kits, lighting, running boards, sunroof or moonroof, racks, grilles, tire brands and sizes, and lift kits. Instead of only visualizing it in your mind, you get to actually see it on your car virtually before deciding if the car accessory is the one you want to purchase and have installed. You can print your dream vehicle build or several variations of it to decide which direction you want to go. Once you have built your dream vehicle online, print it out and come meet with us. That way we’ll know exactly what you want and can bring your dream vehicle to life!


Do you have accessories I can buy in your showroom? If not, how long does it take for accessories to come in?
Although we order most of our accessories, we do have some available in our showroom as well. We can get most items within a few days. Special orders may take a week to 10 days.
What if I order something and it doesn't fit my vehicle?
Occasionally a part may not fit the vehicle intended. No problem. We will return it for the correct part.
Do I pay for accessories when I order or when they arrive?
We ask that customers pay 50% when ordering and the remainder when the item is picked up or installed.
Will you help me find the best price?
Of course. Typically a specific accessory will be produced by several manufacturers. We will give you quality and pricing choices available.
What manufacturers do you carry?
A lot! We work with the largest wholesale distributor of aftermarket automotive parts and accessories in the world.
Will you install the accessories I order?
Most yes, some may require specialty installation.
Do you have replacement parts?
We carry aftermarket accessories. Dealerships are typically the best place to order replacement parts.
What kind of warranty do your products have?
Parts vary in warranty length depending on the manufacturer. Typical warranties are 2 to 3 years and often longer. Our installation workmanship is guaranteed for life.

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