Our Mission

Making lifetime customers through high quality service.

“The crew at Inspectors is always fantastic! The friendliness, service and quality of work are the best. From the small things I’ve needed done to the big projects they continue to do an outstanding job!”
– Zach Polston
“They do really good quality work. Their ceramic window tint and paint protection film is top notch for the Arizona heat along with my 130 mile commute to keep my car protected. Jesse is great to work with and I recommend him and his business to anyone. ”
– Patches
“These guys do a great job and have amazing customer service!! Dropped my car off for a detail and they offered to give me a ride to work without hesitation! Would highly highly recommend these guys to anyone needing tint work, detailing, and windshield replacement. ”
– Bergen Skaff

About Inspector’s Auto

September 1988, Allen McCracken decided it was time to leave the magazine distribution business and begin a new venture. But what? It came to them, like most ideas…out of frustration. Allen’s wife, Pat, mentioned she had not been able to find a good detail shop when she had their cars detailed a few times a year. And that was that. Allen knocked on the door of his tenant, whom he knew needed a job. “You’re goin’ to work today,” Allen announced. “Ok…doin’ what?” the tenant replied. “Detailing cars in exchange for rent,” Allen informed.

Pat decided she would inspect all the vehicles to make sure the work met her standards. In turn, they named the business “INSPECTOR #9”, after the popular men’s underwear commercials running at the time referring to inspector #12 who wouldn’t put her stamp on the underwear unless it passed all her quality tests.

After a few years of building a successful detail business, a funny thing happened. Not one, but two different business owners, on the same day, approached Allen about buying their businesses – one a window tinting business, the other an auto glass company. He bought them both and incorporated them under the INSPECTOR #9 name. Before long, customers came to Allen for everything related to their vehicle’s appearance. They even began to ask about car and truck accessories like step bars and seat covers. To honor his customers’ requests, he began carrying all kinds of aftermarket accessories.

It’s been over 23 years, and INSPECTOR #9 has now become INSPECTOR’S AUTO APPEARANCE. Allen is proud to have so many people over the years become lifetime customers.

“It’s rewarding when customers come in and try to recollect how many cars we’ve tinted for them or how many windshields we’ve replaced or repaired…and now, they’re sending their kids to us! Thank you, Flagstaff.” – Allen & Pat McCracken

In 2012 Jesse McCoy started with the company as a detailer while attending Northern Arizona University. After months of stopping by the shop on his way home from his job at Jack In The Box asking Allen for a job, Allen finally called him and told him to come on in and clean a car. Over the course of 4 years he would learn every aspect of the business becoming an auto glass installer, window tint an accessory installer. Toward the end of his time at NAU Jesse was faced with the decision to either pursue a career in the computer world or find a way to stay with the company long-term. In 2016 Allen and Jesse started talking about a partnership and then in 2017 the partnership became official. Jesse could not be happier to be a part of the Flagstaff community and looks forward to many years of providing high quality service to all of Northern Arizona.

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Driven by passion and purpose, we have proudly served the Flagstaff community for over 30 years! Weather windshield chip repair, windshield crack repair, and windshield replacement, we are your local specialist! It doesn’t stop there! We provide the highest quality auto detailing in Flagstaff, Arizona at a price that doesn’t break the bank. You want to tune up your car? Take a look at our virtual interactive garage and build your dream vehicle. When it comes to window tinting and paint protection film, we work with the best brand on the market LLumar.

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