Window tinting is a process where a thin, transparent film is applied to the windows of a vehicle. The primary purpose of tinted windows is to decrease the amount of radiation and heat that gets into the vehicle from the sun. However, many people do it just because it looks good. The thickness and material the tint is made from vary, and the regulations regarding window tint vary from one state to another. For example, here in Arizona, 33% is the lowest light transmission allowed for front passenger doors, while all films are legal on glass located behind the front doors.

While it’s true that the primary reasons for tinting your car’s windows are for UV protection and to preserve the interior of your vehicle, there are several other benefits that are offered by window tinting:

  • Increased safety- in the event of an accident, the film may help hold the broken glass together.
  • Improved privacy- you can see out, but it’s more difficult for others to see in.
  • Greater comfort- since the UV rays and heat are blocked out, the interior of the vehicle is much cooler. This is especially noticeable during the summer months.
  • Increased gas mileage- running the AC brings your gas mileage down, but tinting makes the interior cooler, so you don’t have to run the AC as much. As such, you may see your gallons going just a bit further.
  • Looks great – window tinting improves the look of your vehicle and gives your car a bit of attitude.

In today’s article, we’re taking a closer look at all things window tinting, especially how long it takes to tint the windows of your car, SUV, or truck.

How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

If you are considering having your windows tinted, you are probably wondering how long it will take. Naturally, you’ll want to have an idea of how long you can expect to be without your vehicle.

Window tinting is a very meticulous process, at least in order to get the job done right. Therefore, you can expect it to take some time. If the process is rushed, it could result in air bubbles or peeling tint— which is not a great look for your vehicle.

There is no true industry standard regarding the length of the application process. The amount of time it will take to tint your windows varies based on the size and type of vehicle you have. Typically, it takes about two to four hours to tint the windows of a regular car. A full-size truck usually takes about two hours.

Some people choose to only do the front windows and leave the back windows with the factory privacy glass. In this case, it typically only takes about 30 to 45 minutes. However, suppose you already have tinting that needs to be removed. In that case, that will add at least 30 minutes and could end up adding a few extra hours, depending on the size of your vehicle.

In addition to the time it takes to apply the film, you have to consider how long it takes for the tint to cure.

Window tinting is applied using moisture, which means it is going to need time to dry. If the weather is dry and decently warm, it will take about ten days to fully cure. However, if you are having your windows tinted in the winter and it’s cold in your location, it may take two to three weeks to fully cure.

Also, it’s important to note that when you have your windows tinted, you should not immediately roll your windows down as you leave the shop. You will need to allow 48 to 72 hours before rolling them down. This is because rolling them down too early can cause many potentially messy issues with the tint.

What Factors Influence the Length of Time Window Tint Takes?

As mentioned, it typically takes about 2 to 4 hours to complete a window tinting job. Still, there are several factors involved that could increase or even decrease that time. Some installers work faster than others and will have the job completed in less than two hours. On the other hand, some installers work slower, and it may wind up taking longer. In addition to the speed at which the installer works, there are some other factors that affect the length of time window tinting takes.

First of all, the type of vehicle that needs tinting makes a difference. The size and shape of the windows also have an effect on the timing, as well as the number of windows. Finally, if there is old window tint that needs to be removed, that will add time to the process.

An SUV or van has more windows than a sedan. Therefore, it will take longer to apply window tinting. Typically, a sedan with four doors should take approximately two hours, maybe less, depending on the technician.

If your vehicle has more than four windows or the windows are a complex shape, it will take more than two hours to apply the tint. For example, you can expect a corvette with a domed rear window to take some extra time.

As mentioned, in most cases, the less glass there is, the less time it takes. However, a coupe with only two doors could actually take more than two hours because accessing the rear of the vehicle can be more difficult.

Finally, as stated, if your vehicle already has old tinting that must be removed, it will add an additional two hours or more to the process. This is because the technician will not only need to peel off the old tint but will also need to remove the glue before applying the new tint.

At Inspectors Auto Appearance here in Flagstaff, we are able to complete most tint applications within about 3 hours. This ensures a high-quality, professional application using film that is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Window tinting is one of the most popular modifications vehicle owners choose to make to their cars. There are several benefits that come with having windows tinted, including UV protection, increasing gas mileage, increasing safety, improving privacy, and so much more.

In most cases, you can expect it to take 2 to 4 hours to apply tint to your vehicle’s windows. However, as mentioned, a variety of factors impact this time, including the size of the vehicle, the number of windows, the shape and size of the windows, and whether or not there is old tint that needs to be removed.

Window tinting definitely improves the look of your vehicle. However, before you decide that you want to have this done, you’ll want to check with the laws in your state to find out the regulations that are in place. The last thing you want to do is get a ticket and have to pay to have the tint removed.

Finally, make sure that you work with trusted professionals who have a history of successful vehicle tinting in your area. Nothing ruins the look of a car quite like a poorly done tint job. If you’re in Flagstaff, AZ, and the surrounding areas, Inspector’s Auto Appearance is your go-to source for all things window tinting. Our fantastic online reviews speak for themselves. We’ve been serving the local community since 1988 and can help with everything from auto glass repair to detailing and beyond.

To learn more about window tinting and to schedule service, simply get in touch with our team. We look forward to serving you!

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